Orion Motors

Orion Motors

Flexibility and reliability are key features of this highly successful line of Northrop Grumman motors. The product line started out with the three-stage Pegasus® followed by Taurus® and various Minotaur configurations. The Missile Defense Agency selected the Orion motors as the motors of choice for the Groundbased Midcourse Defense (GMD) vehicle and has since developed target vehicles in the MRBM, ICBM and IRBM classes, all based upon the basic Orion design. More than 200 Orion motors have helped launch nearly 100 launch vehicles.

Orion motors maintain affordability by leveraging common materials and processes with other Northrop Grumman product lines and continually evaluating options to improve production efficiency. Orion’s elegantly simple design reduces overall product cost while maintaining exceptional reliability as demonstrated by its successful heritage.

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