Parameterizer and Analysis Software System (PASS)

A Seamless Family of Digital Tools for End-To-End SIGINT Mission Applications

Affordable, high performance tools for collecting, processing, storing, analyzing and reporting SIGINT data are no longer a dream. A digital revolution is occurring in SIGINT processing, and Northrop Grumman is leading the way.

PASS – The Digital Advantage

Northrop Grumman has developed a family of digital tools for missions ranging from EW, test range, signals intelligence collection and analysis to training. The Parameterizer and Analysis Software System (PASS) is a complete, seamless set of highperformance software tools that support collecting, processing, storing, analyzing and reporting requirements, all in one package.

Compatible with any standard computer and operating system, PASS's purely digital tools meet all mission requirements. Highly affordable, PASS offers dramatic reductions in life-cycle costs associated with sparing and maintaining analog equipment.

Proven, High-Performance Technology

PASS is compatible with all standard community and complementary product interfaces, replacing myriad high-price, special and standard analog products. Offering the highest performance in the industry, PASS features sophisticated processing algorithms proven in ground-truth testing and validated by more than 15 years of mission performance.

PASS integrates capabilities of four tools:

  • Spectrum Analyzer Software System (SASS), a high performance, very wide band software spectrum analyzer
  • Integrated Technical Electronic Intelligence (TECHE) Analysis System (ITAS), for signal collection, recording and analysis
  • Integrated TECHE Analysis System (ITAS-Lite), for simplified signal collection and screening
  • Parameterizer and Analysis Software System (PASS), for automatic signal detection, parameterization and interactive analysis