PASS and the Avalon 8000 Series Recorder

Northrop Grumman’s Parameterizer and Analysis Software System (PASS) combines digital sample collection, processing, state-of-the-art signal parameterization, and intuitive analog-like displays in a low-cost alternative to traditional pulse analysis equipment. Combined with the 50 MHz Avalon 8250 recorder or the 80 MHz Avalon 8400 recorder, PASS seamlessly integrates data screening, analysis and digital recording.

Key Features

  • Avalon recorder collects and digitizes incoming IF data.
  • Integrated sample data file archival and retrieval. PASS retrieves Avalon recorded files, converts them to MARTES format, and makes them available for post analysis, with easy operator interaction. File size is unlimited. PASS tools allow users to work with and analyze very large files (> 40 GB).
  • PASS collects IF data going to Avalon and screens incoming pulse data and frequency spectrum in real-time.

PASS accepts the pre-detected IF channel, in parallel with the Avalon recorder, and digitizes the data continuously, under user control. In collection mode, PASS automatically generates a real-time raster of the processing channel’s input data and displays the collected data. PASS collection and processing of Avalon analog playback data is also available.

For seamless offline analysis, PASS extracts the digital sample data stored on the Avalon Recorder. As the files are extracted, they are automatically placed in the PASS data memory for detailed analysis. After analysis, the sample data can be archived for transfer or later analysis.

Detailed PASS analysis employs automatic pulse parameterization with a detection sensitivity below the noise floor. A comprehensive suite of PASS signal analysis displays allow users to analyze sample and pulse parameter data.