Batch Mode: Running Multiple MAGIC Input Files in Succession

MAGIC Tool Suite  

We are often asked how to get several input files to run, one after another, in an automatic fashion. This allows several runs to be completed overnight, for example, without a computer operator being present, and is especially useful for parametric study where only one or two variables in an input file are being changed from one run to the next.

The key is to have separate input files with distinct names, such as RUN01.M2D and RUN02.M2D, for each run. Then use the Windows Command Prompt language, e.g., DOS, to set up a batch, or ".BAT" file, and then execute (double-click) the batch file before leaving at night. You may download a file, MULTIRUN.BAT, which serves as an example, and offers more information. Please call us if you need additional assistance in setting up multiple-run sessions.