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Propellant Management Device (PMD) tanks are used in mono- and bi-propellant systems for the control of fluid and separation of the pressurant gas from the fuel or oxidizer to provide gas-free propellant to the thrusters through the spacecraft life. Northrop Grumman presently manufactures PMD tanks with over 100,000 cubic inches of volume with numerous PMD designs for specific mission applications. Northrop Grumman has fabricated PMDs for manned and unmanned space missions traveling in low earth and geosynchronous orbits as well as deep space. Northrop Grumman's versatile propellant management solutions enable complex multi-task missions. The all-titanium PMDs assure long-term propellant compatibility throughout mission life. Northrop Grumman has delivered 1,200 PMD tank assemblies to date.


40" dia PMD Tank, P/N 80430

This all-titanium tank, supplied for a multi-satellite program and the GOES weather satellites, provides storage for 880 lbs of hydrazine (34,481 cu. in.). It features a ring of mounting tabs with nutplates and an internal PMD.


35" dia X 109" Long PMD Tank, P/N 80391

This graphite & epoxy overwrapped titanium liner is one member of a family of hydrazine tanks with lengths from 69" to 134" for GEO communication satellites.


5" dia X 29" Long PMD Tank, P/N 80421

This small, low-cost PMD tank is used by Orbital Sciences Corporation in small spacecraft where system packaging is the key design driver.


22" dia X 32" Long PMD Tank, P/N 80420

This all-titanium PMD tank is similar in design to many ATK PMD tanks in the 21" to 22" diameter family. This tank assembly is used on the Orbital Sciences Corporation B-SAT satellite.


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