The Challenge

The explosion of data, both open source (e.g., social media, blogs, chats, audio and video) and customer source, requires constant innovation in analytic methodology to keep up with the expand­ing volume. Through analysis, mission understand­ing, and applied intelligence tradecraft, the rapidly changing data needs to be fused to determine trends and potential threats.

Our Solution

Paradigm integrates smart, targeted analysis ser­vices (e.g., alerting, trending, and temporal analy­sis) into our workflows, moving us one step closer to predicting future events. Our unique, automated ingestion process eliminates manual indexing and tagging, allowing the user to immediately dive into their value add analytics and assessment respon­sibilities.

Paradigm’s architecture contains the following major components.

  • Ingestion: Assemble data, such as intelligence reports, open source news, user generated data, videos, podcasts and social media from customer provided or approved/vetted data vendors in Eng­lish and native language.
  • Analysis: Perform analytics on the data (e.g., en­tity extraction, location, relationship identification, name/entity resolution, face detection and index­ing in English and native language).
  • Web Services: Display the results of the analytics and user requested analytics to a user interface or other processing system through standard web services.

More Information

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