Precision Health

Precision Medicine 

The chief objective of Northrop Grumman’s Precision Health program is to improve patient outcomes and deliver more effective healthcare. We achieve this goal by integrating all clinically relevant variables across the spectrum of healthcare information and translating that data into actionable information. We employ high capacity big data infrastructures and robust data analytics platforms with advanced predictive modeling and visualization to empower biological discovery and clinical predictions that enable more accurate diagnoses.

We are exploring capabilities for integration, analyses and visualization of genomic data to prevent, diagnose and treat disease with greater accuracy. By combining access to major health-related databases and sources with our proven integration capabilities, our team captures the most complete data sets available to produce accurate, highly reliable results.

We provide comprehensive solutions in:

  • Personal data integration
  • Precise identification and clinical targeting of patient populations
  • Improved selection of the most effective therapies
  • Enhanced consumer experience