Precision Optical Structures

Precision Optical Structures  

Northrop Grumman's composite optical-support structures perform with uncompromising precision in cryogenic temperatures, providing spacecraft telescopes and imaging systems the stability required for unprecedented astronomical observations.

These precision optical structures are critical components on the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-ray Observatory, James Webb Space Telescope, Mars Exploration Rovers, and Space Tracking and Surveillance System, part of America's missile-defense architecture. They also housed the imaging equipment aboard NASA's Deep Impact mission, which captured data from the spacecraft as it collided with the comet Tempel 1 and transmitted back to earth for study in real time.

Northrop Grumman’s capabilities include design, manufacturing, and testing of the various precision optical structures. We provide a variety of products and services including: composite telescope and metering structures, composite mirrors and radiometers, distortion testing, and aero capture re-entry vehicles. Northrop Grumman’s expertise and commitment has played a leading role in the technological advancement of precision optics structures and related hardware for key commercial and government programs. For more information, contact the company's San Diego, California, facility.

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