First Responder Solutions

First Responder Solutions  

CommandPoint® is a mission-critical command and control system that enables emergency communications center personnel to manage calls and resources. It provides all relevant information in a feature-rich user interface which efficiently supports dispatching operations of public safety agencies. The system allows personnel to make informed decisions and meet high performance demands for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS).

Northrop Grumman provides the most advanced technology solutions to the First Responder Community and to public safety agencies across the country. Our multi-service multi-agency mission-critical command and control application systems enable dependable 911 services for millions of people worldwide.

CommandPoint® supports Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) capabilities by providing a regional situational awareness display that gives dispatchers full visibility into surrounding agencies, even if those agencies are running a different vendor’s CAD system. CommandPoint® is capable of full CAD-to-CAD integration allowing seamless transfer of 9-1-1 dispatch data along with transferred callers. Cross-jurisdictional resource sharing enables electronic coordination during large events or routine requests for assistance. Support for RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse is coming during fourth quarter of 2018.

The CommandPoint® Suite includes the following applications:

CommandPoint® CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) – The command and control system for First Responder computer-aided dispatching and resource management. Features include: multi-agency scalability, configurable user preferences, increased speed in execution of commands, and collapsible windows.

ViewPoint™ CAD to CAD – An innovative distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution that is capable of serving every level of interoperability required to meet the vision of NG9-1-1 by interconnecting Computer-Aided Dispatch systems.

CommandPoint® Mobility – The application interface between the CAD system and the field units provides efficient dispatching and unit statusing. This is a family of products that enables mission-critical command and control communications to extend out to the field on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearables. The Mobility solution is the perfect complement to CommandPoint® CAD and offers a highly configurable interface which grants each agency an incredible degree of flexibility in choosing how it wants to interact with first responders in the field.

CommandPoint® Mapping – Is a mapping application that is designed to show real-time command and control situations on the map, it supports Automatic Vehicle Routing and Recommendation (AVRR)/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), offers definable data layers, and interactive views of the map based on input from the CAD.

CommandPoint® CADWeb – Offers a secure web-based portal for users, such as supervisors, who need access to the CAD data.

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