Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX)

Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX)  

Too much data. Too little time. For law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, this is the big hurdle that leaves critical information buried in their databases– or more to the point, spread across multiple state, local, and national databases.

With Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX), users will retrieve and link more available data than ever before to support their investigative and tactical operations. LInX supports queries against both structured and free text documents. Combining this with our expanded query capabilities, users will increase their chances of finding and recognizing critical information. As a result, users work more efficiently by employing the familiar steps and procedures they already know.

LInX correlates and identifies hidden data and linkages across multiple jurisdictions, bringing them front and center for authorized users to see.

LInX provides advanced analytics capabilities to Law Enforcement that include:

  • GIS
  • Entity resolution
  • Trend and pattern identification
  • Temporal analysis
  • Event correlation
  • Link analysis

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