Secure Wireless Communications

Recent emergencies have demonstrated the criticality of getting the right information into the hands of those who need it most, in real time, and across jurisdictional boundaries. Local governments and public safety agencies across the nation are evaluating the benefits of broadband wireless networks for remote access to information, both mission critical and routine, to improve real-time situational awareness for better decision making and enhance collaboration and information sharing.

A pioneer in secure wireless communications, we are integrating this rapidly changing technology into public safety systems to expand their flexibility and mobility. Our secure wireless solutions are dramatically improving emergency response times and the free flow of real-time information among law enforcement, fire, and emergency services operations across the nation and around the globe. These solutions offer powerful security—originally developed for defense and intelligence networks—that locks out threats, thieves, and prying eyes.

From homeland security to law enforcement and first response, Northrop Grumman's solutions deliver comprehensive wireless network features and functionality that can dramatically enhance communications and collaboration.

Reliability, Performance and Survivability: Northrop Grumman deploys wireless networks that meet the rigorous reliability, performance and survivability requirements of public safety customers.

Security: As the provider of security solutions to some of the intelligence and defense communities' most secure communications systems, Northrop Grumman employs the most advanced solutions to protect highly sensitive data on both wired and wireless networks.

Mobility: Northrop Grumman delivers law enforcement the ability to access and share critical information on the go, in real time, via a variety of devices.

Scalability: Northrop Grumman's flexible, customizable solutions are easily scalable to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Interoperability: Northrop Grumman's solutions promote complete interoperability between wired and wireless voice and data systems, enabling real-time information sharing and collaboration.

Northrop Grumman designs and develops broadband wireless environments that streamline operations and enhance service delivery. With high-performance wireless capabilities, users can send and receive secure, content-rich information, voice and video at astonishingly high data rates—any time, anywhere. Our solutions ensure interoperability among devices and networks so users can collaborate and share information across agencies, jurisdictions and service branches. The potential benefits are vast. Unprecedented mission mobility. More efficient services. Lower communication costs. And immediate situational awareness for mission-critical operations.

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