The Rotary-Bat™ (R-Bat) unmanned helicopter is a small, tactical unmanned aircraft system that uses a proven airframe, combined with Northrop Grumman’s expertise in autonomous control.

Based on the Yamaha RMAX helicopter used for agricultural support, the affordable system can meet a number of intelligence-gathering capabilities to include search and rescue, power line inspection, border patrol and forest fire observation.

R-Bat has the ability to monitor areas nearly 80 miles from its takeoff location, while providing real-time data and intelligence to command centers.

With its unique design, R-Bat has the ability to be launched and recovered from confined areas, creating a smaller footprint than most other unmanned aircraft systems. Search and rescue crews are now able to operate in urban areas providing intelligence during possible natural disasters.

Hub and spoke operations and multiple air vehicles can be operated from single laptops that run the ground control station (GCS). The Bat and its GCS are fully compatible with the situational awareness needs of the ROVER/laptop-equipped warfighter.

R-Bat is part of Northrop Grumman’s family of unmanned aircraft systems that have been delivered to customers worldwide for more than 70 years.