Real-Time Infrared/Electro-Optic Scene Simulator (RISS)

Real-Time Infrared/Electro-Optic Scene Simulator

A premier IR/EO scene simulation system, RISS provides a set of integrated products for development, test, and evaluation of infrared and electro-optic sensor systems. Software and high performance graphics hardware generate high-fidelity, real-time, reactive simulations for testing and evaluating systems in Hardware-in-the-Loop and Man-in-the-Loop configurations. Available software tools enable the user to develop radiometrically accurate databases and scenarios that include 3D objects, validated IR models, and user-defined gaming areas. RISS supports testing of IR missile approach warning (MAW), missile seeker, IR search-and-track (IRST), and forward-looking IR (FLIR) systems.

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