Andros FX™: Xtreme Mobility and Manipulation

Andros FX: Xtreme Mobility and Dexterity 

Andros FX™: Designed with the user in mind, Andros FX™ was created from the ground up based on over 25 years of Remotec unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) experience. A combination of advanced mobility and high dexterity coupled in one vehicle, the Andros FX™ provides unmatched capabilities to defeat vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in addition to many other threats. Andros FX™ expands the user’s ability to complete a wide range of missions faster and with greater confidence, all while maintaining Andros’ global reputation for rugged, reliable, easy-to-use vehicles.

Track-Pod Mobility

  • Dual track pods provide the mobility needed for the widest range of scenarios - indoors, outdoors and every combination in between
  • Rock- solid stair climbing reduces operator stress
  • Track pods can be lowered to add 14 inches in height for increased observation and reach solidly and securely without tipping over

Nine degrees of Freedom Arm

  • Two additional arm rolls provide the ability to access vehicles and maneuver in confined spaces such as parking lots and buildings previously out of reach
  • Significantly increased lift capacity of objects and greater dexterity for handling the toughest missions
  • New gripper palm camera with lights for faster, more accurate grasping

Improved Menu System

  • Nine factory presets plus 10 user-defined presets
  • 3-D vehicle images help operators view and visualize the configuration of the arm and articulators
  • One or four cameras can be displayed. Single camera mode offers three picturein- picture camera views that can be moved and resized
  • Vehicle tilt and cant positions displayed on the screen help ensure confident maneuvers across any terrain
  • Vehicle maintenance information provided via touch screen graphics