Andros Titus™: A Small UGV for Big Jobs

Andros Titus: A Small UGV for Big Jobs 

Andros™ Titus provides the performance, ruggedness and reliability expected of a larger Andros vehicle in a smaller package. The system design focused on mobility, manipulator dexterity, the user interface and life cycle costs. While offering excellent initial operational capabilities, the system is designed for growth to keep your investment current well into the future.

Vehicle & Chassis

  • Excellent mobility across a wide range of terrain such as sand and snow
  • Modular design approach allows users to reconfigure the base unit to meet a variety of missions
  • Superior stair climbing thanks to the proven Andros™ dualarticulator design—the culmination of 25 years of extreme use
  • 16.25” width (w/articulators) for use on airplanes, buses and trains
  • Vehicle speed 7.5+ mph (12+ kph)
  • Quick-swap BB 2590 batteries


  • Preset positioning for rapid deployment
  • 6 degrees of freedom, including torso rotate
  • 15 lb (6.8 kg) full extension/ 20 lb (9 kg) close to body
  • Manipulator can be removed quickly, without tools, to exchange for future specialized manipulators & payloads

Operator Control Unit

  • Innovative touchscreen/ physical button hybrid controller
  • Main, Quad-screen, PIP camera view windows, all resizable and moveable on the screen by user
  • Easy-to-use and learn approach to the user interface makes operation of the OCU a breeze
  • 3D real-time, on-screen