Mark5A-1 Accessories

Item Options / Accessories Description


ANDROS Tabletop Controller Assembly
Weather-resistant operator control station
ANDROS Hand Controller Assembly Walk-along operation of articulators and drive
Fiber Optic Cable Reel Assembly (2000 ft.)
Motorized robot-mounted fiber optic cable take-up reel, military grade fiber, and controller interface box
Foot Switch Assembly (Fiber Take-Up)
Foot-controlled fiber optic take-up switch
Spare Spool of Fiber Optic Cable
Additional spool of military grade fiber optic cable
Cable Reel Assembly (330 ft.)
Required for Radio Jumper Box
Radio Control Assembly (5 watt) Radio transceiver system and antenna package for control and AV transmission
Radio Jumper Box Assembly Allows the control side antenna pack to be moved up to 330' closer to operating location


Camera Pan/Tilt Assembly
360-degree rotation, increases depth perception and target clarity
Camera Sighting Kit Assembly Enhances accuracy of all weapons/disruptors used
Laser Assembly Aiming device
Laser Filter Assembly Enhances ability to see laser in bright light, attaches to weapons camera
High-Intensity Light Assembly High lumen light with built-in power supply (includes charger)
Headset Assembly LCD headset, with audio



PAN Disrupter Mount Assembly
Supports a single PAN disrupter
Dual Pan Disrupter Mount Assembly Supports 2 PAN disrupters, configured to stack the PANs vertically
Dual Disrupter Mount Assembly
Supports Royal Arms and Neutrex 20mm or 29mm
Shock Tube Initiator (1, 2, 4 or 6 channel)
Supplies firing point(s) for shock tube initiation (1, 2, 4 or 6 firing points)
Shotgun A modified 12 gauge Franchi 612 for use as an entry or breaching tool, used with mount assembly
Charge Dropper Assembly (330 ft.)
330 feet of firing wire
Gas Dispenser Mount Assembly For use with the Guardian OC dispenser
SL6 Mount Assembly For use with the L6 or L8 37mm or 40mm launcher
Striker Mount Assembly Supports the Penn-Arms Striker 12
Striker 12 Shotgun Penn-Arms Striker 12, for less-than-lethal rounds
Window Breaker Assembly Spring-loaded punch in a machined aluminum block
Claw Assembly Extends gripper opening 2", used to open some packages
Cable Cutter Assembly Heavy-duty cutter assembly, attaches to gripper fingers
Boot Banger Assembly Easily deploys Boot Banger assembly from a gripper-mounted support
Cordless Circular Saw Assembly 24v cordless circular saw, has its own power supply, held in gripper
Reciprocating Saw Assembly 24v cordless reciprocating saw, has its own power supply, held in gripper
Cordless Drill Assembly 24v cordless drill, has its own power supply, held in gripper
HEADD Trailer Hitch Kit (with brake) Allows vehicle to deploy the LVB HEADD trailer (for trailers with brakes)
Hitch Assembly (without brake) Allows vehicle to deploy the LVB HEADD trailer (for trailers without brakes)

APD2000/MULTIRAE Detector Mounting Kit
Supports APD2000 and MULTIRAE detectors
X-Ray Assembly (fits Golden X-Ray systems) Operational mounting for Golden X-Ray systems, must be robot-ready modified from manufacturer
Real-Time X-Ray Assembly (fits FoxRay VCU-10 only)
Operational mounting for Vidisco FoxRay VCU-10, must be robot-ready modified manufacturer
Contamination Smear Assembly Attaches to gripper, 6 self-centering pods for litmus paper, all aluminum
Spare Vehicle Battery Assembly Assembly that allows quick change of battery packs for extended operations

Emergency Spare Parts Kit Battery, selected electronics, gaskets, screws, bearings
Chassis Service Kit Service parts, gaskets, screws
Overhaul Kit Includes wear parts for robot
One-Year Extended Service Contract Repair warranty after the 12-month initial warranty
Operation and Maintenance Training 2 1/2 days of training at REMOTEC, covers operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
Service/Tune-up Training 3 1/2 days of training at REMOTEC, up to 7 persons, more in-depth than O&M training