SCORPION II Unattended Target Recognition Systems

Scorpion 2

This fully autonomous Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system comprises wired or wireless day and night vision Electro-Optic (EO), seismic, magnetic, and passive IR sensors, wireless local RF communications, and a remote universal communications gateway. The universal gateway provides secure, two-way, LOS and BLOS communications for around the clock global surveillance of time critical targets.

SCORPION II Long, Short and Point Blank Range Target Recognition System provides critical worldwide data and imagery for long or short duration military and intelligence gathering operations. This next generation system incorporates new technologies and improved performance with reduced size, weight, and volume when compared to its predecessor.

Multiple, geographically separate SCORPION II systems can transmit imagery and sensor data to distributed users world wide. Data from separate sensor systems are combined to form a Common Operational Picture (COP).

The robust, modular, scaleable, open interface architecture implemented in the Scorpion II system is easily adaptable to a myriad of COTS sensors from most vendors as well as a wide variety of communication links.

SCORPION II is designed to use minimal power while maximizing battery life, enabling missions lasting six months or longer without changing batteries.