NRL Space Electronic Systems Prototype Development (SESPD)

NRL Space Electronic Systems Prototype Development
SESPD Machine

sespd circuit board

Northrop Grumman has been providing support to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) since the 1980s on this and several predecessor contracts. Through SESPD, Northrop Grumman provides program management, engineering, and manufacturing services for NRL’s Naval Center for Space Technology along with a team of specialty subcontractors. Activities include technical support for the design, development, fabrication, integration, test, launch, and operations of in-house spacecraft, instruments, and other technical systems for NRL. Work in Northrop Grumman’s Manufacturing and Integration Facility (MITF) in Beltsville, MD has provided quick reaction fabrication of circuit card assemblies, including Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA). Northrop Grumman support has also included subcontract procurement and management of major flight hardware items.

Projects that have been supported include:

  • SoloHi – Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager
  • WISPR – Wide-Field Image for Solar PRobe Plus
  • MIS – Microwave Imager Sounder
  • RSGS – Robotic Servicing of Geostationary Satellites
  • JMAPS – Joint Milli-Arcsecond Pathfinder Survey
  • SSULI – Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager
  • MiTEx Upper Stage – Micro-Satellite Technology Experiment
  • SECCHI – Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation

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