Signal Measurement System (SMS)

Signal Measurement System

As electronic warfare (EW) threats have proliferated, the need for sophisticated defensive systems has increased. The ability to test these advanced systems under realistic conditions throughout their life cycle and to verify their performance is critical to mission success.

The SMS provides the capability to fully monitor test procedures and validate results, assuring the warfighter's optimal chances of surviving the mission. Survivability is also enhanced by an effective training program which is supported by the SMS post-test analysis of the training environment and the system under test's response.

Northrop Grumman's Signal Measurement System (SMS) provides real-time RF measurement and analysis of threat emitters and corresponding SUT Jammer responses for hardware-in-the-loop, installed system, and open-air range applications. 

ICSMSntroducing the Compact SMS

CSMS takes the powerful SMS software and replaces the 2-bay equipment rack and operator workstation with a realtime spectrum analyzer (RSA) and a laptop computer. The RSA is commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and is capable of recording numerous data captures. It sends measured I/Q data to the laptop computer for storage. The laptop computer includes the SMS software which can then be used to analyze the recorded data and create custom reports. CSMS software allows the User to easily measure precise signal characteristics that are difficult to collect with standalone COTS measurement equipment.

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