Science and Environment Satellites

Science and Environment Satellites  
Science and Environment  

Northrop Grumman is one of the industry's leading providers of satellites used to conduct astrophysics, Earth science/remote sensing, heliophysics, planetary exploration and technology demonstration missions. Our extensive and flight-proven line of small- and medium-class spacecraft platforms allow customers to select the right solution for their mission requirements and budget.

Flight-Proven Designs, High Reliability

Our robust spacecraft platforms employ heritage designs throughout, and our rigorous processes and comprehensive test regimes have enabled many of our satellites to far exceed their mission lifetimes. Spacecraft are provided either as individual spacecraft or as turn-key systems leveraging Northrop Grumman's launch, spacecraft and ground systems capabilities at competitive prices.

Current Programs

Science and Environment  

Programs currently in process at Northrop Grumman's Dulles, VA and Gilbert, AZ satellite manufacturing facilities include:

  • Joint Polar Satellite System-2, 3 and 4 (JPSS-2, JPSS-3, and JPSS-4)
  • Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2)
  • Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON)
  • Landsat-9

Mission History

Astrophysics Missions

​Program ​Mission ​Customer ​Launch ​Factsheet
TESS Exoplanet Identification NASA/MIT 4/2018 View in Adobe PDF
NuSTAR Black Hole Mapping NASA/JPL 6/2012 View in Adobe PDF
Fermi/GLAST Gamma Ray Survey NASA/GSFC 6/2008 View in Adobe PDF
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Detection NASA/GSFC 11/2004 View in Adobe PDF
GALEX Star Formation Observation NASA/JPL 4/2003 View in Adobe PDF
FUSE Far UV Survey NASA/GSFC 6/1999
EUVE Extreme UV Survey NASA/ 6/1992


Remote Sensing/Earth Observation

​Program ​Mission ​Customer ​Launch ​Factsheet
JPSS-4 Weather and Environment Observation NASA/NOAA 2026  
JPSS-3 Weather and Environment Observation NASA/NOAA 2023  
JPSS-2 Weather and Environment Observation NASA/NOAA 2021 View in Adobe PDF
Landsat-9 Earth Imaging NASAG/USGS 2020 View in Adobe PDF
ICON Sun-Earth Interaction NASA/GSFC 2018 View in Adobe PDF
ICESat-2 Ice Topography NASA/GSFC 2018 View in Adobe PDF
OCO-2 CO2 Measurement NASA/JPL 7/2014 View in Adobe PDF
Landsat-8 Earth Imaging NASAG/USGS 2/2013 View in Adobe PDF
Glory Aerosol Measurement NASA/GSFC 3/2011* View in Adobe PDF
OCO CO2 Measurement NASA/JPL 2/2009*
AIM Polar Cloud Observation NASA/Hampton University 4/2007 View in Adobe PDF
FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Ionosphere Research NSPO (Taiwan) 4/2006 View in Adobe PDF
Coriolis Sea and Sun Observation NRL, AFRL 1/2003 View in Adobe PDF
QuikTOMS Ozone Monitoring NASA/GSFC 9/2001*
SeaStar Earth Imaging/Ocean Color NASA/ORBIMAGE 8/1997
MicroLab-1 Lightning Measurement NASA/UCAR 4/1995
TOPEX/Poseidon Ocean Topography NASA/CNES 8/1992
UARS Upper Atmosphere Research NASA 9/1991
Landsat 5 Earth Imaging NASAG/USGS 3/1984
Landsat 4 Earth Imaging NASAG/USGS 7/1982


Heliophysics Missions

​Program ​Mission ​Customer ​Launch ​Factsheet
IBEX Solar System Boundary Investigation NASA/SwRI 10/2008 View in Adobe PDF
SORCE Solar Irradiance Monitoring NASA/LASP 1/2003 View in Adobe PDF
RHESSI X- and Gamma-ray Imaging NASA/UCB 2/2002 View in Adobe PDF
ACRIMSat Solar Irradiance Monitoring NASA/JPL 12/1999


Planetary Exploration Missions

​Program ​Mission ​Customer ​Launch ​Factsheet
Dawn Asteroid Investigation NASA/JPL 9/2007 View in Adobe PDF
Deep Space 1 Interplanetary Exploration NASA/JPL 10/1998 View in Adobe PDF
*Launch Failure