Scientific Computing Solutions

Mission-Focused High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC)

HPCC Solutions that Enable Scientific, Research and Mission Advancements

Northrop Grumman's scientific computing solutions start with proven high performance technologies that deliver reliable, cost-effective performance. Experienced staff installs and maintains industry recognized software and tools that simplify the day-to-day use of the system. Our research and development team supports your scientists by leveraging the latest tools and technologies to expand capabilities, improve performance and streamline operations ensuring your mission's HPCC investment returns its full potential.

Northrop Grumman's development philosophy for HPCC systems emphasizes system usability and software automation whenever possible. Whether you want a completely custom built system, an off-the-shelf solution or something in between, we can help you make the most of your investment. Our proven solutions ensure efficient and effective deployment of scientific models and their associated analysis packages. We automate routine tasks and enable your scientist to focus on achieving mission objectives and spend less time on computer science details.

To significantly increase capabilities beyond standard HPCC solutions, customers can choose to add performance enhancing hardware accelerators and high-speed optical networking. In these cases, we have the experience to provide comprehensive software extensions and application customization that will significantly increase your system capabilities and performance.

Benefit from our Experience

Customers trust Northrop Grumman to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions that not only meet, but exceed expectations. Following are some of the key features that we offer: 

  • Standards-based solutions – Our HPCC solutions integrate technologies from multiple sources and providers. Use of community standards promotes internal and external interoperability of systems and simplifies maintenance and life-cycle transition planning.
  • Hardware acceleration – We can enhance HPCC systems with hardware accelerators to deliver performance improvements for your scientific applications.
  • Tools Development – Promotes efficiency and capabilities reuse resulting in associated cost and time saving.
  • Scientific Software Development Processes – These processes ensure a well-designed software and applications (development, integration, deployment and support) using practices that reduce risk and are proven effective in science, engineering and research environments.

Leverage our expertise

Your mission's success depends on incorporating sophisticated HPCC technologies seamlessly into your existing scientific or research development environment. Northrop Grumman uses HPCC both internally for our own projects and for external customers. We have the domain knowledge and proven experience you need to achieve mission success.