Government Business Applications

MobileShield™ advanced wireless applications for government and business

MobileShield™ meets the changing communications needs of federal, state, and local government and those of private enterprise … from supporting routine business operations to providing mobile, high-speed access to information … from helping assure physical and network security to supplying the interoperable voice communications needed to coordinate multi-jurisdictional emergency responses.

MobileShield™ is the perfect answer for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Airports, Harbors, & Other Transportation Facilities
  • First Responders
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Networks

MobileShield™: What wireless was always meant to be And only Northrop Grumman makes it possible. No other company has developed a solution like MobileShield™. Comprehensive. Customizable to your needs. And based on the very best technologies the marketplace has to offer. With MobileShield™, wireless truly has no limits.

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