Secure Wireless

Until now, operational challenges have held back the full adoption of wireless technologies: security limitations, the difficulty of providing broadband to mobile systems, and interoperability difficulties between dissimilar systems.

MobileShield provides the three critical elements of a comprehensive wireless solution:

  • Broadband mobility
  • Interoperability
  • End-to-end security
MobileShield delivers tangible solutions for real-world communications challenges:
  • Vastly improves the capacity of mobile wireless devices accommodating new bandwidth-intensive applications, faster current application performance and significant increases in the number of simultaneous users a system can support.
  • Promotes complete interoperability between wired and wireless voice and data systems, simplifying information sharing and collaboration.
  • Provides security features – end-to-end physical and cyber security – that are unmatched, especially by traditional cellular operators.
  • Converges voice, data and video traffic onto one network, resulting in resource savings and network management efficiencies.

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