Sentinel-XDThe need for improved situational awareness and information sharing is driving the transformation from a platform centric to a network centric operational paradigm. Connecting classified or sensitive systems to un-trusted networks presents significant challenges. Secure data must be protected from release to unauthorized channels and the systems themselves must be protected from external threats such as viruses and cyber attack.

Sentinel-XD provides an affordable, small form factor, embeddable solution for connecting tactical platform centric systems to information sharing networks to allow communications across security domains. Sentinel-XD provides assurance that only authorized data is released to the low-side network and it protects the high-side systems from threats that may be present on the low-side network. It utilizes certified deep packet inspection technology pioneered by the SILENTWIRE™ technology that is incorporated in the security rules processing engines embedded in Sentinel-XD.

Sentinel-XD is designed to easily integrate into existing systems to minimize impacts and maximize mission capabilities. Sentinel-XD is offered in three form factors to suit the needs of the target system. The first form factor is a PMC module. The Sentinel-XD PMC module follows the ANSI/VITA 20-2001 (R2005) specification for conduction cooled PMC modules. It is a convenient form factor to add a tactical CDS module onto any embedded single board computer (SBC) that provides a single width, conduction cooled PMC site.

The second Sentinel XD form factor is a Sentinel-XD PMC module mounted on a heat spreader plate along with a small I/O adapter module. The I/O adapter module converts the PMC connector signals to more readily acceptable connectors such as RJ-45s for easy access to the I/O and easy mounting into a computer chassis that may not have a PMC site available. The second form factor is called the Embedded Module form of the Sentinel-XD.

The final form factor of Sentinel-XD is a self-contained “brick” format with a MIL-STD-1275 DC-DC power supply to operate directly off military vehicle power systems. The Sentinel XD brick format was designed to withstand both tracked and wheeled military vehicle environments and has successfully completed environmental testing.

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