Sentry E-3D UK AWACS Maintenance and Modification

UK AWACS landingUK AWACS taking offUK AWACS wing repairUK AWACS depot maintenanceUK AWACS lined up on the tarmac

UK AWACS landing

UK AWACS taking off

UK AWACS wing repair

UK AWACS depot maintenance

UK AWACS lined up on the tarmac


The E-3D United Kingdom Airborne Warning and Control System (UK AWACS) Sentry Fleet provides a crucial defense capability to the United Kingdom and its allies.

Equipped with a Northrop Grumman APY-2 radar, Sentry provides the complete air defense picture and the capability to direct interdiction of both air and sea targets.

Northrop Grumman and our Joint Sentry Support Team (JSST) team mates – BAE Systems, Cobham PLC, Mass Consultants, and AAR International -- provide aircraft maintenance, engineering and logistics support to the Sentry fleet at Royal Air Force (RAF) Waddington and at worldwide forward deployed locations as required.