Smart Node Pod

Warfighters in the field perform most effectively when they have a more complete understanding of local and theater situations, threats and operational objectives. In the highly dynamic battlefield of today, command and control, situational awareness, and full motion video are delivered from an increasingly wide variety of sources.

As the nation’s number one provider of advanced airborne networking technologies, Northrop Grumman has unique insight into today’s tactical and strategic networks and a proven track record of bridging requirement gaps. Leveraging over four years of 24/7 combat experience fielding and operating the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN), the Northrop Grumman Smart Node Pod system provides a force multiplier by extending line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight, tactical data link (TDL) and IP-based communications in the Joint Aerial Layer Network (JALN).

Like the larger BACN system, the Smart Node Pod provides a communications payload that bridges data and voice communications and projects networking capabilities to the forward edge of the battlefield. The Smart Node Pod provides a communications gateway capability for manned and remotely piloted aircraft, extending needed communications capabilities to disadvantaged users at the edge of the JALN.

The Smart Node Pod provides both commanders and network planners the flexibility to extend the capabilities of traditional tactical and strategic battlefield communications. With the option to deploy on a variety of readily available airborne platforms and a modular approach to both radio and application configurations, the Smart Node Pod enables a more fully connected digital battlefield today.