Special Mission Aircraft

Special Mission aircraftSpecial Mission aircraft in the hangarSpecial Mission aircraft sensorsSpecial Mission aircraftSpecial Mission aircraft in flight

Special Mission aircraft

Special Mission aircraft in the hangar

Special Mission aircraft sensors

Special Mission aircraft

Special Mission aircraft in flight

Aberdeen Integration Center’s (AIC) special mission aircraft solutions discriminators include ISO and AS9100 certification, and its unique quick reaction capability, (QRC) as well as the ability to deliver on Department of Defense (DoD) 5000 programs expeditiously with low cost.

AIC also owns and operates an airborne test bed known as “12 NG.” This cost-affordable test bed is available to customers, team mates and other Northrop Grumman business areas. The aircraft is designed for quick installation of multiple payloads, access to the aircraft’s data network and power, easy access to communications gear, and carry-on laptops for controlling the mission systems. “12 NG” has flown numerous multi-intelligence demonstrations.

AIC has also developed a multi-customer funded IP-based, open architecture mission system software running on Windows that is capable of working with any sensor employing a moving map display, cross sensor cueing, alerting parameters and multiple sensor output combined display. The system also has an exportable version.