Supersonic Missile Targets

Supersonic Missle Targets  

Northrop Grumman is applying its proven design philosophy of high performance, low-cost and off-the-shelf technology to supersonic missile targets for the U.S. Navy. The GQM-163A “Coyote” design integrates a solid-fuel, air-breathing ducted rocket propulsion system into a compact missile airframe 18 feet long and 14 inches in diameter. Launched from Navy test and training ranges, this high-performance vehicle achieves speeds over Mach 2.5 while flying 15 feet above the ocean's surface and weaving with 10g acceleration. In addition to the sea-skimming trajectory, Northrop Grumman has also fielded a "high diver" variant which achieves altitudes over 50,000 feet before pouncing on its target at near hypersonic speed.

For user flexibility, the GQM-163A target is now operationally capable at four different launch test sites around the world. Because of its unique capabilities, GQM-163A launches have been conducted for several foreign customers in addition to the U. S. Navy.

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