Supply Chain Management Solutions

We Connect Your Supply Chain

To compete in today's cost competitive, high quality, and just-in-time environment, companies must constantly monitor not only their internal processes but also their external trading partner relationships. The understanding of this interconnected web of suppliers, vendors and customers is the underlying theme of effective supply chain management.

Supply chain management relies on the principles that by decreasing inventory and increasing the exchange of information, customers' demands can be satisfied more efficiently. At any given moment, market forces could change the dynamics of the supply chain, forcing companies to adapt to new processes and procedures. As supply chains become increasingly complex due to the effects of global competition, rapid price fluctuations, and inventory life cycles, Northrop Grumman provides a pathway to a "best of breed" approach.

Northrop Grumman offers a portfolio of services, products and consulting in supply chain management including:

EDITS™ – Electronic Data Interchange Translation and eCommunication service developed for producers, processors, distributors, and logistics and OEM customers in the manufacturing industry. This service helps clients that are interested in electronically linking with trading partners but do not want to make a substantial and continuous investment in resources and infrastructure to accomplish this critical goal.

OpenTrac™ Family of Products – Applications developed to address various enterprise resource planning and supply chain management components. These Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are modularly built to provide maximum flexibility and expansion for growth. OpenTrac links to trading partners via e-communication in order to eliminate the errors and inconsistencies associated with the manual exchange of information.

SCM Consulting (Information Partnering™) – Decades of supply chain management expertise in the manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistics areas. Created SCM products and services used by over 150 companies throughout North America. We provide tailor made solutions for our clients.

What makes Northrop Grumman's Products and Services Special?

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that runs your business or manages your supply chain utilizing internet-based technology. We provide our clients a low cost and secure alternative to conventional ERP and supply chain tracking software. All you need to start is an internet connection!
  • EDI/XML and eCommerce services that enables linkages between your facility, toll processors, warehouses and customers so you have total control over your material.
  • Information Technology expertise to take care of all your system needs in the manufacturing industry. Why not let us take care of IT problems while you focus on your core business?
  • All of our OpenTrac™ products are built with web-enabled cutting edge technology; secure and yet very flexible in their deployment.
  • Our team of top developers and business analysts who specialize in supply chain management and flexible systems to help you meet your needs.

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EDI Partnering and EDITs™

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners has grown consistently over the last decade. Today's customers are compelled to reduce costs by exchanging fast electronic data with their supply chain to eliminate manual interface errors and decrease cycle times.

OpenTrac Family of Products

Northrop Grumman offers the OpenTrac™ family of products, providing Web hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). OpenTrac™ Director, Enterprise, and Manager are applications developed to address various enterprise resource planning and supply chain management components.

SCM Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting - Information Partnering™ combines proven solutions to maximize supply chain efficiency with expertise to manage these applications for continuous improvement, value and success. Information Partnering™ tackles both the changes within the supply chain itself, as well as the evolution of the processes, methods and tools that manage it.