Tactical Data Link Integration Exerciser (TIGER)

The Tactical Data Link Integration Exerciser (TIGER) stimulates systems under test with tactical scenarios.

  • Link 16
  • Link 11
  • Link 22
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP) C
  • SIMPLE (STANAG 5602)
  • and more

Developed by Northrop Grumman, TIGER is based on the leading DoD data link test system, the Multi-Link System Test and Training Tool (MLST3), and predecessor systems. Its hardware includes rack mountable, portable, laptop, and cabinet configurations. The cabinet option can include a Multifunctional Information Distribution System- Low Volume Terminal (MIDSLVT) and a remote power supply.

Using a powerful battlespace simulator and a flexible array of analysis capabilities, TIGER is a proven interoperability test system used worldwide.

How It Works

TIGER generates tactical data link messages and outputs them as a complete tactical exercise scenario to the system under test. It then receives and interactively processes and displays the output of the system under test. If the interactions comply with appropriate specifications, the system under test is considered interoperable.

The TIGER software suite supplies Pre-Test, Real-Time, and Post-Test Analysis applications.

Pre-Test Application

Analysts use the TIGER scenario developer program to script reusable scenarios for real-time testing. The scenario files contain complete environments of tactical exercises. Among TIGER’s capabilities is the ability to simulate many tracks:

  • Link 11A participating units (PU)
  • Link 11B reporting units (RU)
  • Link 22 NILE units (NU)
  • Link 16 units (JU)

Scripted analysis report files present logical information about the exercise scenario, viewed from aspects such as time, track history and errors. The graphic user interface simplifies exercise development by enabling users to create tracks manually.

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