AN/TPS-78 and TPS-703 Solid-State Tactical Mobile Radar Systems

Ground SensorTPS-703 Solid State Ground Radar

Ground Sensor

AN/TPS-78 Solid State Ground Radar

TPS-703 Solid State Ground Radar

TPS-703 Solid State Ground Radar


Proven design for performance, reliability and survivability

The AN/TPS-78 and the TPS-703 are the latest generation of advanced air surveillance radars made possible by advances in high power transistor design. Supported by Northrop Grumman’s more than 60 years of experience in building high-performance radars, the long-range AN/ TPS-78 and mid-range TPS-703 are fielded and operationally proven by the U.S. Air Force and customers worldwide. 

Stacked beam full coverage detection and tracking

Incorporating S-Band technology, the AN/TPS-78 and TPS 703 are not affected by bandwidth interference encroachment affecting L-Band radars. The AN/TPS-78 and TPS-703 also incorporate a more efficient small cell dynamic adaptive Doppler filtering.

The stacked beam architecture used in the radars allows for superior performance in ground clutter, rain and chaff. With the ability to simultaneously detect high altitude and low altitude targets in heavy ground and sea clutter, the six full-time beams also provide time energy management to detect targets at all velocities with no dim speeds.

The radars contain waveforms and processing to deal with anomalous propagation “ducting” environments and complex “wind farm” environments, developed from years of in-field experience.

Unrivaled mobility: S-band provides compact system size

AN/TPS-78 High Mobility version
AN/TPS-78 High Mobility version

In addition to the antenna, all electronics, including the transmitter, are packaged in a 14 foot (4.3 m) ISO shelter that can be transported in a single C-130 aircraft or helicopter and be deployed by a team of four in less than 30 minutes. A highly mobile version is also available that is fully integrated on a single all-wheel drive vehicle.

Low-cost logistic supportability

The modular design of the AN/TPS-78 and TPS-703 systems drastically reduces the number and types of line replaceable units (LRU). The systems use the same LRUs for commonality across the two missions and are highly reliable and maintainable with a demonstrated MTBCF of more than 3,000 hours and a MTTR of less than 30 minutes.

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