Tactical Decision Agent

Advanced Messaging for Tactical Deployments

Northrop Grumman’s Tactical Decision AgentTM (TDA) offers the same advanced messaging capabilities as its Decision AgentTM (DA), and offers enhanced functionality for tactical deployments. It operates without Fortezza® in the field, reducing administrative support and minimizing bandwidth requirements. With its small footprint, as little as one unit, the TDA can be rack-mounted or installed in a rugged transit case for mobile, field deployments.

Like the DA, the TDA is a complete solution, automatically identifying, filtering and distributing DMS and legacy messages to specified recipients, based on user-defined interest profiles. The TDA can be used as a stand-alone for small user communities and mobile operations or combined in a network with the DA and other TDAs, extending messaging capabilities to disparate field locations.

The TDA can be deployed under multiple concepts of operation. One concept minimizes the use of Fortezza® in the AOR, another eliminates Fortezza® for deployed forces, greatly reducing administrative overhead.

TDA tools are user-friendly and intuitive and support set-up, configuration management, administrative functions and end-user interface to DMS. TDA’s web-based user interface allows users to prepare messages and manage utilities. Browser-based administration and operations management tools display visibility and status of the tactical domain.