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technical training air

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technical training

Imagine a flexible, easy-to-use solution for managing virtually every aspect of your flight operations and training program, from schedules, upgrade training, standards and evaluation (Stan-Eval), syllabi, and grade books to real-time flying hour and Go/No-Go management and comprehensive reporting.

Northrop Grumman Corporation has developed such an enterprise-wide system—ARTS, which is an outgrowth of the Training Integration Management System (TIMS) used by the Air Force and the Navy.

This technology has over 10 years of system engineering, software development, and lessons-learned and developed by a CMMI Level 5 organization with industry-standard oversight and controls. TIMS is extremely flexible, tailorable, and sustainable and provides a foundation of significant capabilities that can be rapidly and affordably built upon. Synergy (cost-sharing) with other Services (USAF, USN) provides opportunity for both immediate and long-term affordability for Enterprise Command & Control of Training.