Training and Education

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miltary field training

scenario review

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tank operations training

after action review

Northrop Grumman is a proven provider of innovative training and education solutions throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), interagency, commercial, and international markets.

This accomplishment is the direct result of our integrated development approach which links instructional technology teams with subject matter experts to rapidly create highly technical evolving courseware using a mature Quality Management System (QMS) framework to ensure the efficient development of highly reliable products and services.

Our instructional technology team possesses the advanced level of knowledge necessary to deliver detailed course design and management plans. We develop instructional materials to include: lesson plans, multimedia, student guides, examinations and decision games. The Northrop Grumman team of Instructional System Designers (ISD) has developed over 4,000 hours of instruction. The instruction we develop supports personnel from all services, multiple countries, and government agencies. We strive to ensure all institutional knowledge is exercised and validated through nested practical exercises.

Our teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) consist of former personnel from the U.S. Army, United States Air Force (USAF), United States Navy (USN), and United States Marine Corps (USMC). All personnel have current operational experience and those critical skills necessary to support a wide range of non-kinetic activities. We persist to expand our resident knowledge in Cyber, EW, spectrum, fires, targeting, and intelligence operations. The Northrop Grumman team continues to meet the ever-changing requirements of the operational force by maintaining constant communication with forward deployed personnel through regularly scheduled site visits and Video Teleconferences (VTC).

We possess a rapidly exportable team of SMEs able to deploy anywhere in the world to support mission requirements. Our teams have traveled both CONUS and OCONUS to provide support as needed. All of our teams are trained in accordance with established Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) with an emphasis on doctrine. We can support a wide range of training requirements which span garrison training, New Equipment Training and Capstone Exercises.