Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Foundry Services

GaAN foundry  

Fully configured GaAs devices include HBTs, BiPHEMTs, PHEMTs, and MESFETs  for applications across 1-40GHz. 

PDKs and foundry manuals available for all technologies. 

Two 100mm wafers fabricated to spec are delivered with each foundry order.

Our technologies:

HBT Technology

A robust process with Ft of 35GHz and an extraordinarily low phase noise, about 10dB lower than typical from other foundries.

BiPHEMT Technology

Combines a PHEMT switch with typical Fco > 340GHz with the HBT.  Increases design flexibility.  Low phase noise, high linearity amplifiers.

PHEMT Technology

A robust and well-proven 0.25µm PHEMT with Vd = 6V and Ft = 45GHz for power amplifier applications through Ka-band.

MESFET Technology

A reliable, thoroughly-engineered, 0.4µm MESFET low-cost solution for power amplifiers, X- and Ku-band.

Performance Specs