Flexible BiPHEMT

microelectronics technologies

HBT and PHEMT HBT (top); PHEMT(bottom)
Northrop Grumman offers foundry service for a full featured GaAs BiPHEMT MMIC technology on 100mm substrates. This process offers a high performance pHEMT switch and an ultra-low phase noise HBT on the same die, providing unprecedented flexibility and versatility for circuit designers – HBTs for compact low phase noise and high linearity amplifiers, pHEMTs for low loss switches and both devices for robust bias networks.

Foundry details

  • Models available in ADS and Microwave Office
  • Final DRC check and reticle design and mask layout by Northrop Grumman personnel
  • Guaranteed delivery of two 100mm wafers to spec per lot
    (additional wafers may be available at cost)
  • Multi-project wafers available

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Typical Performance Characteristics:

HBT PHEMT switch
2µm emitter width 0.8µm gate length
fmax = 70GHz fco = 330GHz (5x60µm switch cell)
fT = 35GHz Gate leakage at Vgs =-3V: <100µA/mm
βvcbo = 34V
βvceo = 7.5V



  • 2µm emitter HBT; 0.8µm pHEMT
  • fmax = 70GHz (HBT)
  • fT = 35GHz (HBT)
  • Quiescent HBT current density: ≤ 25kA/cm2
  • Operating voltage: ≤ 7V
  • Phase noise: ~ -165dBc/Hz at 10KHz
  • fco ≥ 340 GHz (pHEMT switch)
  • MTTF > 106 hours at 125°C

Process description

  • 337pF/mm2 MIMCAPs
  • Precision NiCrSi resistor: 10 Ω/sq
  • Epi resistors : 240 and 320 Ω/sq
  • Two Layers of Interconnect metal with optional third layer on 12µm BCB
  • BCB scratch protection
  • Through-wafer vias
  • 100mm wafer size

Contact us for more information and pricing.