Low Cost, Proven GaAs X-Band MESFET

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Northrop Grumman's GaAs MESFET is reliable and proven, with over 20 years of operation in military hardware. Based on a conventional GaAs MESFET fabrication including MBE, AuGeNiAu ohmics, and trapezoidal gates, a quarter century of engineering has produced a streamlined (12 mask) high yield, low cost power MMIC process with passives, thinning to 4 mils, and through-wafer vias. Power density of >0.4W/mm, Vd=9V, and Ft = 13GHz make this a good solution for power applications in the S- thru Ku-band frequencies.

Foundry details

  • Models available in ADS and Microwave Office
  • Final DRC check and reticle design and mask layout by Northrop Grumman personnel
  • Guaranteed delivery of two 100mm wafers to spec per lot (additional wafers may be available at cost)
  • Multi-project wafers available

Typical performance characteristics

tabular data

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