Dependable Ka-band 0.25µm Power PHEMT

microelectonics technologies


Northrop Grumman offers a GaAs-based PHEMT MMIC process which is ideal for power applications at frequencies through Ka-band. MMICs based on this technology have been reliably flying in military hardware for more than a decade. This well-engineered process is based on MBE and 0.25µm ebeam direct-written T-gates and includes all passives (MIM capacitors, thin film and epi resistors). The 100mm wafers are thinned to 4 mils, incorporate through-wafer via contacts, and are delivered ready for assembly into higher level modules.

Foundry details

  • Models available in ADS and Microwave Office
  • Final DRC check and reticle design and mask layout by Northrop Grumman personnel
  • Guaranteed delivery of two 100mm wafers to spec per lot
    (additional wafers may be available at cost)
  • Multi-project wafers available

Typical performance characteristics

tabular data

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