Underwater Launch Systems

UAV Capsule Launch

Northrop Grumman Marine Systems is the Navy's premier provider of submarine launch systems. Every vertical launch system on U.S. Navy submarines today can trace its origin to our Underwater Launch Center of Excellence in Sunnyvale, California.

Our expertise comes from more than 50 years of designing, testing, and manufacturing underwater launch systems. We understand the unique challenges of deploying payloads in an environment in which they were not intended to operate.

Our approach for introducing new payloads is based on our success developing legacy SSGN and Virginia-class SSN technology. Reconfiguring the Multiple All Up Round Canister (MAC) allows for payloads of sizes other than 21 inch, diverse payload options among separate canisters, and mixed loads within an individual MAC. A non-cylindrical launch cell capability also facilitates weapons that are not round, and concepts to utilize the Virginia bow tube MAC Center Cell enable even greater versatility and expand payload volume efficiently.

Northrop Grumman’s eject launch technology has powered over 7,000 successful launches. It can be scaled to match any payload size and function. We use our proven encapsulation systems to "marinize" weapons not originally intended for undersea launch, helping to challenge past perceptions of dedicated air, surface, and sub-surface weapons.