Urban Geospatial Analysis (UGA)

Customized GIS Solutions

In an environment where getting information to the warfighter is critical for mission success, Northrop Grumman’s UGA team has developed and integrated a custom suite of geographic information sytems (GIS) tools to be used with a popular commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software package. This unique set of GIS tools provides the UGA team with the capability to respond rapidly, and with increased levels of accuracy, to the requirements of the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center’s Urban Tactical Planner (UTP) program. In providing situational data to the battlefield, the UTP program has proven itself a vital resource in support of combat operations by preparing warfighters and enhancing planning for tactical missions.

What is a UTP?

The UTP is a software planning tool designed to support Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT). A UTP provides the warfighter with a digital representation of a specific urban environment allowing the user to visualize and interpret key elements that effect the planning of military operations. The geospatial dataset within a UTP is a collection of urban features that provides critical military planning information created by Northrop Grumman analysts using satellite imagery and other geospatial data. Collected features may include transportation networks, buildings of significance, vertical obstructions, military installations, areas of occupancy, hydrological features, forests and ground vegetation, land use, industrial sites, or other features of special operational interest. Each feature contains several attribute fields that provide the military planner with the greatest amount of detail. Extracting feature data using common COTS GIS software tools requires Northrop Grumman’s analysts to scroll through countless dropdown menu selections and manually enter data into the attribute fields for each feature. This method is extremely time consuming and can contribute to errors and omissions.