Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Power management for deployed and mobile systems

Power Management

Northrop Grumman combines advanced technology with compact packaging to deliver an innovative approach to power management for deployed and mobile systems.

PowerGrid UPS 800TM

Combines the latest advancements in UPS power and battery technology. The Load Balancing Interconnect (LBI) design allows up to four units to be stacked and interlinked to provide 800-, 1,600- , 2,400- and 3,200-watt integrated solutions for deployed and mobile applications.

Advanced Design Features

  • Advanced High Density Lithium Ion Battery Module With Embedded Power Management and Charging Circuitry
  • Multi-Unit Daisy Chain Capability With Load Balancing Circuitry
  • Stackable Daisy Chain Provides 800W / 1600W / 2400W / 3200W 
  • Configuration Capability With a Single Production CI
  • Configurable "Zero U" Remote Power Interconnect Module With 6 Foot Extension Power Cable
  • Significant Reduction In Overall Weight from 50 lbs to 26.5 lbs
  • 28VDC Emergency Primary Power Interconnect Providing Backup for VAC Primary Power Source