Virtual System Integration Lab (VSIL™)


The Virtual System Integration Lab (VSIL™) is a software representation of prime hardware, system test bench and sensor environment that enables software development and system integration on any desktop PC or server. VSIL™ is available now for commercial purchase.

Why virtualize?

  • Avoid the 24-hour scheduling of million-dollar SILs
  • Make a Virtual SIL available to any engineer with a PC
  • Reduce the cost and dependence on development hardware and test equipment, freeing up funds for early testing
  • Conduct operationally relevant testing early in development
  • Mitigate delay risk: 84% of acquisition programs evaluated were delayed an average of 3 years due to performance problems in design testing and/or operational testing
  • Gain complete visibility into both software and hardware
  • Test errors and faults by injecting them into the system programmatically
  • Analyze faults by pausing hardware and stepping backwards through execution from a fault condition
  • Inject arbitrary synthetic scenarios
  • Provide capability for automated testing or continuous integration


Licenses are issued on a per computer basis.

Service Packages

All service packages are customized to fit our specific customers' requirements and needs. Please contact us for pricing.