Vibration/Shock Testing

Vibration/Shock Testing

Northrop Grumman Test Services has a dynamic testing facility with five shakers capable of providing up to 120,000 lbf of dynamic thrust. These shakers can produce sine sweep/dwell, sine on random, random, random on random, and user-input vibration levels, as well as classical and SRS shock testing.

Northrop Grumman's remote vibration controls and video monitoring are available for hazardous testing.

Vibration testing capabilities include:

  • 26-foot high vibration area with a 40-foot high harness change area
  • Facility rated for up to 100,000 lbs. of either class 1.1 or class 1.3 energetic materials
  • 50-ton overhead bridge crane with two auxiliary 2-ton hoists
  • Temperature and humidity conditioning

Modal Testing

Northrop Grumman’s dynamic testing facility includes two modal shakers capable of up to 110 lbf each and two modal impact hammers. Our modal shakers can produce the same vibration levels as the standard shakers as well as sine, random, sine burst and chirp vibration excitation.

Drop-shock Testing

Northrop Grumman utilizes two drop-shock towers capable of achieving up to 5,000 G.

Acceleration Testing

Northrop Grumman’s acceleration testing features a centrifuge capable of up to 330 rpm and 5,000 lbf max constant acceleration. The test facility is rated for up to 5 pounds of class 1.1 or 20 pounds of class 1.3 energetic materials, and can be remotely operated for hazardous testing.

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