Electronic Document Management

e.POWER Electronic Document Management (EDM) is a suite of applications that use Northrop Grumman’s commercial-off-the-shelf software platform, e.POWER, for providing electronic document management in supporting business process management and automation. e.POWER EDM applications combine:

  • Workflow
  • Document/Records Management
  • Application Integration
  • Process Metrics

e.POWER EDM applications include:

Customers automate processes to:

  • Monitor resources and outcomes,
  • Enforce standards and achieve best practices,
  • Support rapid process change and business agility,
  • Shorten cycles and time to completion, and
  • Improve quality and reduce rework.

Northrop Grumman can deliver a fully integrated electronic document management solution to meet your requirements in a short period of time (three to six months).

  • Standardizes on best practices
  • Gets the right information to the right people at the right time to do their work
  • Enables you and your team to make timely and accurate decisions
  • Retain your investment on legacy systems you already have
  • Effectively manage employee performance and accountability
  • Reduce business processing time and clear up backlogs
  • Improve business processing accuracy and controls
  • Increase process efficiencies


The following organizations use e.POWER to manage electronic documents, share information within and across the organization, lower costs, and insure compliance:

Iowa Department of Transportation – Bridge management, configuration management, geographic information system integration, motor vehicle document management

Syncrude Canada Ltd. – Engineering drawings and configuration management

Idaho National Laboratory – Nuclear process management

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility District – Engineering drawings and configuration management

Sunoco – Engineering drawings and configuration management