e.POWER Change Management Edition for Engineers

For Engineering Records Management

e.POWER for Engineering Records Managemente.POWER® Change Management Edition (CME) for Engineers is a commercial-off-the-shelf software platform providing electronic document management for engineers, supporting business process management and automation.  Some of the features of e.POWER CME include:
  • Retrieval, viewing and printing of documents via the simple  WEB interface
  • Intuitive, yet powerful document retrieval function using the familiar workplace hierarchy of Area, Cabinet, Drawer and Folder
  • Scanning, importing, storage, and retrieval of documents (single format or compound documents)
  • Handles CAD files
  • Manages business and large format documents using a single tool
  • Launches Third Party Applications to view native documents
  • Supports both business and engineering document mark up capabilities (red-lining, highlighting, post-it notes, redaction (black-out), white-out, inline text, symbols, shapes, etc.)