e.POWER for Motor Vehicle Professionals

Efficiency through Document Management and Process Automation

e.POWER for Motor Vehicle Professionals (MVP)e.POWER for Motor Vehicle Professionals (MVP) is Northrop Grumman's commercial-off-the-shelf software solution for effective document management and process automation. e.POWER for MVP provides full process visibility and increased productivity, with both time and cost savings for Motor Vehicle Professionals. With e.POWER for MVP, achieve the following benefits:
  • Cost Savings from Enhanced Productivity and Physical Storage Elimination,
  • Flexible, Safe, and Convenient Remote Access to documents,
  • Improved Public Safety & More Secure Driver Licenses,
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction, and
  • More Efficient and Effective Document Management Processes.

MVP Graphic

Iowa DOT Case Study e.POWER for MVP allows secure and easy access to documents and images through the Web, reducing the chance of lost or misplaced items and eliminating the need for physical paper storage. Data is encrypted, ensuring that citizens’ data is protected. The system’s integration with legacy systems, e.g., TraCS, fosters information sharing and greater public safety. e.POWER for MVP’s process automation offers real-time reporting, review, and approval, reducing the time and effort required for paper routing and handling. Automation also facilitates effective workload balancing, enhancing employee productivity and positively affecting customer satisfaction through increased responsiveness to customer needs. e.POWER for MVP also provides the capability of meeting REAL ID Act standards for identity document capture at remote driver license locations, resulting in more secure driver licenses.

Highlights of e.POWER for MVP include:

  • 24x7 Web access for authorized users
  • Secure, encrypted data
  • Timely Reporting, Review, and Approval
  • Document search, view, and print functionality
  • Process workflow that facilitates quick turnaround
  • High volume scanning - barcode, patch code, and image enhancement
  • Low volume remote scanning at Driver Licensing stations
  • Manual and automated batch and document indexing, with interfaces to legacy systems
  • Interface to legacy systems for data sharing
  • Driver photos and signatures accepted and stored for retrieval as needed by authorized users
  • Out of State access to encrypted photos and signatures by authorized users
  • Fax document input and barcode recognition
  • Image and metadata conversion