Rapid Application Development

e.POWER includes a tool for rapid development and deployment of forms-based and/or document-based business process management solutions (e-Process Solutions). Along with e.POWER application templates and WorkManager Builder workflow builder, e.POWER provides a comprehensive development environment designed for use by a business analyst.

The Application Builder enables users to develop feature-rich work management applications that streamline the way the enterprise manages its business processes. Users create and tailor applications to meet specific business requirements in a matter of days - not weeks or months.

Building an e.POWER business process solution does not require knowledge of programming or database, yet the resulting solution is a process-enabled database application.
Using a Windows menu structure, users define the structure of the application – the user defines fields, forms, folders, and more – and users can assign any of these elements to a workflow process. Then, the Application Builder automatically generates input, display, and search screens, as well as the underlying database tables. The screens are generated for both a web browser and native Windows client.

With the e.POWER Application Builder, the client user interface is dynamically created. This means that when the application is updated on the server, the new application is immediately available to all users on the network. There is no requirement for reloading the application on each individual user's PC. This is true for Windows native clients and web clients and it results in lower development, deployment, and maintenance costs.

  • Open client/server environment 
  • Rapid application development without programming
  • Open database for flexible report writing and integration
  • Container/Folder metaphor for document and image management
  • Power search capabilities
  • Web browser, Windows native client, Microsoft® Outlook Client
  • Dynamic screen creation
  • Extensive security feature