Application & Solutions

The e.POWER suite of applications delivers business process management and automation to provide agile, end-to-end control of the enterprise process. Genuine e-business necessitates a financially sound, substance-driven approach that speeds response in the short term, as it accomplishes long-term goals.

Applications in the suite are modified for each client installation to reflect organizational models and business rules as well as to connect with enterprise applications and organizational structure. The risk of technology change is reduced through the re-use of core capabilities common to all of these solutions.

Human Capital Management

  • Employee OnboardingEmployee Onboarding or Entry-On-Duty — combines forms management with process workflow for a comprehensive Onboarding solution.  Collects new employee information only ONCE to produce electronic Onboarding forms, routes information via automated workflow tasks to notify internal departments and outside sources (i.e. background investigations) for new employee provisioning, and connects with HR and other Information Systems.
  • Clearances, Certifications, Identity Verification — manages applicant forms online and automates scheduling and coordination.
  • Electronic Personnel Folders — puts human resources online with a catalogued electronic employment history repository.

Financial and Contract Management

  • Web-based Invoice Management — online electronic process management for invoice approval, cost distribution, performance and financial approval.
  • Contract Life-Cycle Management — tracks all contract actions from origination through completion, including contract modifications and contract payments.
  • One-Touch Financial — fully automated end-to-end budget execution system.

Claims, Case and Records Management

  • Safety, Health, or Workers' Compensation — improves workers’ safety, reduces lost productivity, and reduces compensation costs.
  • Injury Claims Management — for self-insured organizations and government agencies responsible for adjudicating claims.
  • Correspondence and Action Tracking — assists government agencies responsible for actionable correspondence from constituents or legislators.
  • Land and Vital Records Solution — improves public access to records and streamlines office operations decreasing the pressure to provide more with less.

Engineering Process Management

  • Engineering Change Management — effectively manages engineering changes and revisions to keep programs on track and up to date.
  • Architectural Drawing Controls — successfully manage architectural drawing changes and revisions to ensure accuracy and adherence to building codes.
  • Request for Engineering Instruction — manages requests for special instructions on engineered systems.
  • Configuration Change Control — manages requests for rapid change to system configurations controlling the review and approval cycle across multiple disciplines.

The entire enterprise can leverage e.POWER for Business Process Management through the use of these templates for Business Process Solutions.  Each solution addresses the needs of business for monitoring of resources and outcomes, leveraging best practices, offering rapid process change and agility, achieving faster cycle times, and improving the quality of business processes.

e.POWER Solutions for Transforming Business Process

Not all solutions require a large investment and a lengthy deployment process, unlike Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. Northrop Grumman recognizes a family of solutions that benefit from the opportunity for rapid deployment. These solutions are typical of a variety of business processes that share similar requirements for:

  • Electronic forms or documents that initiate a business process
  • Online processes to track work and deliver items to appropriate individuals
  • Electronic agents to perform work automatically
  • Access to existing applications to retrieve and update information
  • Metrics to monitor both status and productivity

Northrop Grumman’s Rapid solutions go beyond point solutions adding web interfaces to existing applications. Rapid solutions bridge departments and functions providing true business process integration. This provides the opportunity to modernize the process and transform the way work is accomplished. Paper is eliminated, bottlenecks are removed, and errors are reduced. Rapid solutions provide additional value by automating the interaction between departments and even organizations, coordinating human-to-human interactions and automating information exchange.

Rapid solutions

Consider the following enterprise activities

  • Certification and licensing
  • Grant submission/grant processing
  • Regulatory and compliance processing
  • Case management
  • Claims and contract management
  • Human capital management

These are just a few examples of Rapid solutions deployed by Northrop Grumman for customers in the public and private sectors.

Northrop Grumman’s portfolio of tools and expertise for deploying Rapid solutions compose a framework of capabilities available both individually and together as an Integrated Business Process Environment.

The portfolio of capabilities includes:

Portfolio of Capabilities
  • InFlowSuite™ - An electronic framework (eFramework) for automating electronic Submissions (eSubmissions).
  • e.POWER® – A platform for delivering business process management solutions.
  • DocCapture – A methodology for document conversion.
  • Business Process Management expertise for analyzing and automating existing processes.

In addition, Northrop Grumman is a leader in the successful deployment of HCM and ERP solutions for the federal government. Extending the reach of HCM and ERP affords a good opportunity for Rapid solutions.