OpenPod IRST™: The Fire Control Advantage

OpenPod(TM) infrared search and track IRST 

From images to action

Decades of algorithm development, fire control radar experience and an advanced sensor add up to a new level of airborne superiority.

It's true: Eagles really are eagle-eyed. But without their imposing size, strength and sharp talons, an eagle's powerful eyesight would be of limited use to them. It's much the same for fighters and airborne military sensors.

Northrop Grumman's OpenPod™ Infrared Search and Track (IRST) has a powerful infrared sensor that is currently in service around the world. It allows pilots to see targets beyond the line of sight, day or night. And it does so without emitting detectable energy.

But what really sets OpenPod™ IRST apart isn't just its sharp vision, but also its ability to turn images into useful information.

The fire control advantage

With OpenPod™ IRST, pilots can do more than simply detect targets of interest. They can track targets in three dimensions with great precision, identify them and take appropriate action. OpenPod™ is able to provide weapons-quality data to onboard systems or to other aircraft for additional response.

What makes it all possible is Northrop Grumman's unique expertise in supporting airborne missions.

Decades of EO/IR algorithm development, fire control radar experience gained from the 5th-generation F-22 and F-35 fighters and an advanced sensor add up to a new level of situational awareness and airborne superiority for aviators.

It's a combination that could make any eagle more formidable.