SAdIE (Synthetic Adaptable Intelligent Entity)


Looking for an easier, more affordable and more intuitive user interface to access and manage your computerbased data? Whether the task is meeting training needs, performing maintenance tasks, issuing safety alerts or conducting mission support; Northrop Grumman’s SAdIE has the answer. SAdIE provides a humancomputer interface that increases the quality and availability of the data being accessed while reducing costs and manning requirements, critical in today’s tight budget environment.

SAdIE is an articulate and adaptable voice and visual interface to computer-based data. SAdIE verbally interacts with users in a natural conversational manner, answers questions concerning any topic and delivers overviews or seminars on specific subjects.

Having a natural conversational interface to computerized data delivers important advantages. You can make queries verbally and without an in-depth understanding of the data, database structure or search tools. When you ask SAdIE a question, the interface rapidly locates the information in documents or SAdIE accessible databases. In addition, SAdIE will also query you to further understand a topic or question to offer related information pertinent to the conversation.

Depending on your preference, SAdIE can be manifested as an intelligent voice, text interface or can be visually portrayed as a speaking, animated male or female avatar. SAdIE readily interfaces with and executes commands controlling other external hardware and software applications.

SAdIE “learns” and grows smarter through conversations. As SAdIE performs required tasks, new data and data relationships are stored for future reference.

A virtual assistant for multiple uses

Northrop Grumman’s SAdIE supports a wide range of uses requiring access to computerbased data. SAdIE is the perfect interface for training systems, and can be an intelligent digital substitute for a live trainer.

SAdIE serves as a virtual assistant to technicians performing unfamiliar or complex maintenance tasks. For example, a technician might ask SAdIE to help describe specific processes or procedures. SAdIE then responds with stepby- step instructions for performing the task, stopping and repeating information as required. SAdIE can also fill out the boring paperwork technicians often don’t get around to, freeing them to spend valuable time performing critical repairs.

In this scenario, SAdIE can also read cumbersome cautions and warnings aloud to the technician and record the technician’s verbal acknowledgement of understanding and complying with required safety procedures.

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Customizable functionality
SAdIE can:

  • Communicate with multiple users simultaneously
  • Identify individuals based upon visual cues or biometric data
  • Maintain eye contact with you when represented as an avatar
  • Obtain input and deliver output in multiple languages
  • Adapt to your subject matter with a customized interface
  • Send simultaneous search queries across numerous databases
  • Identify and flag redundant information
  • Write information to databases
  • Delete information upon request
  • Retain your individual preferences and frequent queries automatically
  • Alert users to new information being added based on common query interests
  • Interface with a wide range of software and hardware
  • Operate on servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices